I’ve been reading every Buzzfeed article on quantum physics I can get my hands on so I’m basically an astrophysicist now and I can tell you that yes, it’s true, time just goes by faster and faster with each passing year. This year I turn 38, which means I am both at once the oldest I’ve ever been and the youngest I will ever be again, and I’ve amassed enough life experience to qualify me to dispense wisdom about pretty much nothing at all. But I’m doing it anyway. Here are the 38 things I know for sure today, on my 38th birthday:

  1. Words have power. It’s better to claim the story and tell it than it is to live in fear of someone else telling it for us. 
  2. Words have power. We need to be careful what stories you tell ourselves. They may just come true. 
  3. We are not alone. 
  4. Depression is a liar. 
  5. Everything looks better in the morning.Liz and Nick
  6. Everyone is human and makes mistakes. Sometimes huge ones. The goal is to love them anyway, even if we have to do it from a safe distance.
  7. People are going to talk about you behind your back for doing the thing you love. But they were going to talk about you anyway, so you might as well be happy and doing what you love while they do it. 
  8. I’m pretty sure the most hurtful thing someone can say about us is the thing we already worry is true. 
  9. The things that drive us out of our skin about other people are the things we don’t like about ourselves.
  10. We are the stars of our own life story, but only a supporting character in everyone else’s. Walk your own red carpet. 
  11. Not every relationship is meant to last, and that doesn’t make the ones that didn’t any less important. Some of the biggest lessons lie in the letting go. 
  12. There are seasons to everything. Everything.  
  13. Change is only scary if you resist it. 
  14. Child birth hurts. A lot. And it’s 100% worth it. 
  15. Raising humans is unbelievably hard. And it’s 100% worth it.
  16. Children make a house bright. Also loud. Also sticky.
  17. Sometimes romance looks like splitting a large pizza and not letting the other person hate themselves for it in the morning. 
  18. We teach other people how to treat us.
  19. Fear is a terrible navigator. All of the biggest regrets in my life have come from when I let fear guide my decisions.  
  20. All of the greatest things that have happened in my life have happened when I was terrified, and did it anyway. 
  21. Saying I’m sorry is only hard when I am not actually sorry. 
  22. Everyone looks better in candlelight. 
  23. The second (and third) glass of wine is usually better in theory than it is in practice.
  24. You are beautiful. Trust me. You are.
  25. Listening is a gift that should be given freely and liberally.
  26. There’s such comfort in knowing I will never again be as ignorant as I am right now. 
  27. It’s possible to acquire a taste for almost anything if you try hard enough. Black coffee and cilantro are the exception to this rule.
  28. No one I know gets enough sleep. Not a one. We need to sleep more, you guys.
  29. Growth often hurts like hell when you’re going through it.
  30. Freckles are an accessory.
  31. I’m pretty sure animals and children know something the rest of us don’t.
  32. There’s so much beauty everywhere if you look for it.
  33. We have SO much more in common with each other than we recognize.
  34. The future is female.
  35. There’s a special place in heaven for the teachers.
  36. Stillness is where’s it’s at. It’s also really, really hard to attain and even harder to sustain.
  37. It gets better.
  38. Be kind. Be kind. Be kind.


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3 thoughts to “38 Things I Now Know For Sure

  • dolores petrone

    xxoo Love ya always. Have a beautiful birthday!

  • Nancy Holland Roehm

    Rush to your book store and buy “Biocentrism”. .. since you are into Quantum Physics, this book will be astonishing to you ! I am also a writer and a friend of Gail Woods.

    • Liz

      I’ve read it!! Twice! SO fascinating.


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