The Sting of Being the Uninvited
The Sting of Being the Uninvited |

My oldest daughter, 11 now, was waiting for me when I walked in the door from work. Before I had set my bag down, she was sobbing, her face crumpled under the stress of crying out whatever she had been holding in. “What’s wrong?” I asked, a ticker tape of terrible images flashing through my […]

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The Woman With the Porcelain Skin
Saying Goodbye to the Woman With the Porcelain Skin |

The last time I saw my grandmother alive, a couple of years ago, she was dressed to the nines like she always was. Nice slacks, a silk blouse, her fine jewelry, socks and shoes. She looked beautiful, as always, her skin even at 95-years-old, the same unblemished creamy white color of porcelain that I had […]

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How Are We Not More Grateful For Life?

Sometimes gratitude is easy. Sometimes there’s so much around it swells up in a huge rush, a gratitude-tsunami that threatens to pick us up and carry us along in its wake for miles and miles, eventually depositing us into a tide pool where we can float, delirious and drunk off our own thanks, our hands […]

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It’s Never Too Late to Fall Back in Love

The last time I saw my mother alive she was drunk. So drunk, in fact, that when I pulled the car over to where she waiting on the sidewalk for me to pick her up she didn’t react, just kept swaying gently back and forth with her eyes closed. My anger, quick and eager to […]

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I Drew a Heart on My Boy’s Hand
I Drew a Heart On His Hand |

The anxiety has been strong with the littlest lately. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the way the seasons shift, a little at a time so slowly until it’s not slow at all anymore and it’s become cold so fast that you swear you inhaled the warm air of early fall and you exhaled in […]

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A Better Mother Than Me
Better Mother Than Me |

“I don’t want to go to bed! A good Mommy would let me have a cheese stick!” Gabby yells at me for what is maybe the 14th time in the last five minutes. Out of answers and the will to live, I let my head cock to the side and consider this for a second. […]

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