The Baseball Bat, the Butterfly, and the Box of Teeth

“I just want to hit something!” Gabby hisses at me through the space in her mouth where her first two baby teeth had recently fallen out. She is holding the closest object she could grab–conveniently, her brother’s baseball bat–tightly in her chubby fingers, poised for the strike. Her feet are spread, belly and butt thrust […]

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You’re Not Alone in Your Loneliness
You're Not Alone in Your Loneliness |

I have had so many conversations with so many women recently about loneliness. I’d venture, even, to say that it’s probably not a phenomenon unique to women, it’s just that I tend to have women around me more often and *gross generalization warning* they are not as afraid to say words like “feeling.” Anyway it’s […]

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An Open Letter to Comfort
An Open Letter to Comfort |

Dear comfort: I’m so sorry for all the times I denied you. I apologize for the pointy toe shoes, the ill fitting bras, and all the various forms of waistbands I have chosen over you over the years. I especially regret the time I made my mom drive over those two empty coke cans so […]

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There is a Song Inside of You Yet
There is a Song Inside of You Yet |

The ever-brilliant Nadia Bolz-Weber advises us to preach from our scars, and not from open wounds. It’s solid advice, and advice that I try generally to follow in my writing, not just because writing from a bleeder is scary and traumatic and painful, but also because as you heal your perspective tends to shift a […]

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The One Good Reason For My Many Sleepless Nights

I have a motherhood confession. There is a child (or two or three) sleeping in my bed more nights than not. With four total, and all of them still relatively young enough to wake up in the middle of the night sick or scared or wet or thirsty or just alone, it’s a nightly event […]

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