We Have to Dance Even When the World is Shit

Times like this I worry. I worry about you guys and about myself too: the feelers of the world, the people who take this shit news storm (innocent people are dying senselessly, another musician is gone too soon, Trump is still president, men are wearing rompers) and internalize it until out of self-defense and the need […]

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Let’s Talk About Postpartum Depression. Please.

Lean in, you guys. This is important. May has been declared National Postpartum Depression Awareness Month, and as someone who has suffered myself I would like to tell you a story. When my third baby was born she came out ravenous. She sucked on anything and everything: the doctor’s stethoscope, her father’s finger, my necklace, air. […]

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You’re Not Alone in Your Loneliness
You're Not Alone in Your Loneliness | lizpetrone.com

I have had so many conversations with so many women recently about loneliness. I’d venture, even, to say that it’s probably not a phenomenon unique to women, it’s just that I tend to have women around me more often and *gross generalization warning* they are not as afraid to say words like “feeling.” Anyway it’s […]

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There is a Song Inside of You Yet
There is a Song Inside of You Yet | lizpetrone.com

The ever-brilliant Nadia Bolz-Weber advises us to preach from our scars, and not from open wounds. It’s solid advice, and advice that I try generally to follow in my writing, not just because writing from a bleeder is scary and traumatic and painful, but also because as you heal your perspective tends to shift a […]

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