How Are We Not More Grateful For Life?

Sometimes gratitude is easy. Sometimes there’s so much around it swells up in a huge rush, a gratitude-tsunami that threatens to pick us up and carry us along in its wake for miles and miles, eventually depositing us into a tide pool where we can float, delirious and drunk off our own thanks, our hands […]

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The Ghosts of Thanksgivings Past

I want to show you something. This is me, hosting what I think was our very first Thanksgiving. We’ve been doing this for a while now—ever since my mother really started to not be well and we couldn’t trust her to be sober enough to get out of bed and cook a bird—and now it […]

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(True) Beauty and the Beast

I’ve noticed that when I’m depressed, I feel ugly. The two seem to travel together, a sinister, awkward pair like Cinderella’s step sisters. It doesn’t help that depression makes me tired, which makes me less inclined to exercise, which makes me less inclined to care about what I put into my mouth, which makes me […]

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Great Faith and Great Courage

There is a single prayer I pray every day, often many times a day, lately with every breath. “God, help me be brave.” This is still relatively new to me. I didn’t grow up praying. I didn’t grow up in a church. And so when I decided I needed to start having a dialog with […]

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In Case You Had Forgotten
In Case You Had Forgotten |

In case you have forgotten, like I do sometimes The world is still full of beauty Babies are being born right now Or being made People are touching each other, hugging, wiping tears, opening doors Mothers are kissing foreheads and tucking errant curls behind ears and sending their new light out into the world to […]

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38 Things I Now Know For Sure
38 Things I Know For Sure |

 I’ve been reading every Buzzfeed article on quantum physics I can get my hands on so I’m basically an astrophysicist now and I can tell you that yes, it’s true, time just goes by faster and faster with each passing year. This year I turn 38, which means I am both at once the oldest […]

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