The Woman With the Porcelain Skin
Saying Goodbye to the Woman With the Porcelain Skin |

The last time I saw my grandmother alive, a couple of years ago, she was dressed to the nines like she always was. Nice slacks, a silk blouse, her fine jewelry, socks and shoes. She looked beautiful, as always, her skin even at 95-years-old, the same unblemished creamy white color of porcelain that I had […]

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The Ghosts of Thanksgivings Past

I want to show you something. This is me, hosting what I think was our very first Thanksgiving. We’ve been doing this for a while now—ever since my mother really started to not be well and we couldn’t trust her to be sober enough to get out of bed and cook a bird—and now it […]

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A Letter to My Daughter

Dear Maria: Oh (wo)man are you coming of age in an interesting time. Never have we as women been able to accomplish more. You and me together watched a woman run for president (and win) and I saw on your face for the first time that those words I tell you, all those you can […]

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This is a Love Letter to the Sisterhood

This a love letter to the sisterhood. This is an homage to all the women who hold us up. The ones who walk before, leaving a trail of wisdom crumbs behind for us to follow in the dark. The ones who walk at our side, whispering those two sweetest words like a salve to our […]

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Lessons on Losing a Friend

I used to work with a woman who hated me. HATED ME. There’s an expression in the online world, B*tch Eating Crackers. BEC for short because life is much too busy to be insulting people in full actual words. Anyway what it means is that you dislike a person so much that they could be […]

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An Open Letter to Comfort
An Open Letter to Comfort |

Dear comfort: I’m so sorry for all the times I denied you. I apologize for the pointy toe shoes, the ill fitting bras, and all the various forms of waistbands I have chosen over you over the years. I especially regret the time I made my mom drive over those two empty coke cans so […]

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