We Sure Do Have Our Hands Full
We Sure Do Have Our Hands Full | lizpetrone.com

Maybe it’s the slightly crazed and manic expression I wear on my face when I go out with all four children in public, or maybe it’s the way my shoulders droop towards the ground with exhaustion like an elderly but equally disheveled and flat chested Captain Caveman, but people seem to always stop when they […]

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To My Mother, About My Daughter
To My Mother, About My Daughter | lizpetrone.com

She’s been holding my hand again Mom. Maria has. And not just because I make her, the way I used to stand still in the parking lot and not let her walk until she had safely placed her little hand inside mine. No, this is different, it’s borne of her need and it’s raw and […]

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The Boy in the Moon

He comes running into the room, breathless, and maybe it’s because I’m just on the brink of sleep but the footfall confuses me. Usually I know each one of them by this alone, could name who is coming down each of the two creaky staircases in this old house by the unique pattern of stomps […]

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Let’s Talk About Postpartum Depression. Please.

Lean in, you guys. This is important. May has been declared National Postpartum Depression Awareness Month, and as someone who has suffered myself I would like to tell you a story. When my third baby was born she came out ravenous. She sucked on anything and everything: the doctor’s stethoscope, her father’s finger, my necklace, air. […]

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Remembering the Tulle
Remembering the Tulle | lizpetrone.com

I was 20 weeks pregnant the second time around when we got the official word that this time we were having a girl. I wept. I had been 100% sure she was a boy (thanks for nothing, online sex-predictor quizzes), and I was already firmly in love with the image I had painted in my […]

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