A Better Mother Than Me
Better Mother Than Me | lizpetrone.com

“I don’t want to go to bed! A good Mommy would let me have a cheese stick!” Gabby yells at me for what is maybe the 14th time in the last five minutes. Out of answers and the will to live, I let my head cock to the side and consider this for a second. […]

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A Letter to My Daughter

Dear Maria: Oh (wo)man are you coming of age in an interesting time. Never have we as women been able to accomplish more. You and me together watched a woman run for president (and win) and I saw on your face for the first time that those words I tell you, all those you can […]

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I Am Both

I am both. I’m both “I NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE RIGHT THIS SECOND” and “I hope you don’t expect me to put that bra back on and go anywhere.” I am at once “why do my friends never invite me places anymore?” and “oh great, how am I going to get out of […]

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We Sure Do Have Our Hands Full
We Sure Do Have Our Hands Full | lizpetrone.com

Maybe it’s the slightly crazed and manic expression I wear on my face when I go out with all four children in public, or maybe it’s the way my shoulders droop towards the ground with exhaustion like an elderly but equally disheveled and flat chested Captain Caveman, but people seem to always stop when they […]

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To My Mother, About My Daughter
To My Mother, About My Daughter | lizpetrone.com

She’s been holding my hand again Mom. Maria has. And not just because I make her, the way I used to stand still in the parking lot and not let her walk until she had safely placed her little hand inside mine. No, this is different, it’s borne of her need and it’s raw and […]

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