In case you have forgotten, like I do sometimes

The world is still full of beauty

Babies are being born right now

Or being made

People are touching each other, hugging, wiping tears, opening doors

Mothers are kissing foreheads and tucking errant curls behind ears and sending their new light out into the world to save it

There are still warm beds for resting and woods for exploring and stars for wishing

There is food on the table and extra chairs for neighbors and stories as of yet untold that will set you both free

There is the soft golden light of dusk to remind us when to rest and the soft golden light of morning to remind us how we still need to rise up once again

There is the steady patter of feet in our homes and the reckless abandon of laughter and the bubbles in my glass

And there is the beat of our music and the beat of our hearts and always, always

There is this love.

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One thought to “In Case You Had Forgotten”

  • DeBonis Karen

    Yes. Thank you for the reminder, Liz. I have to stop and try to remind myself, too.


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