Dear comfort:

I’m so sorry for all the times I denied you. I apologize for the pointy toe shoes, the ill fitting bras, and all the various forms of waistbands I have chosen over you over the years. I especially regret the time I made my mom drive over those two empty coke cans so I could wear them as earrings. It was a tough phase.

Either way, I’ve reached the point in my life where I would like to fully embrace you. I promise heretofore to honor you in my impulse purchase decisions, doing things like buying a white faux fur ottoman just because it was so soft that I kept putting my face up against it in the store so many times that people were starting to talk.

I will not forsake you again, comfort. You’re pretty much all I think about most days. Thanks for being there for me to come home to.

Love, Liz.

One thought to “An Open Letter to Comfort”

  • Karen DeBonis

    Squashed Coke cans for earrings?? I’m sure my mom would be glad I missed that phase! LOLOL


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